Tarifa – Pristine White Beaches & an 800 Year Old Castle!

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Tarifa – Pristine White Beaches & an 800 Year Old Castle!  The pristine white beaches of Tarifa are just as majestic as the 800 year old castle that stands proudly in this southern Spanish city. Windsurfing or kitesurfing is a must, and also the sea sparkles with the promise of bustling marine life, ideal for enthusiastic anglers.

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Tarifa - Pristine White Beaches & an 800 Year Old Castle
Tarifa – Pristine White Beaches & an 800 Year Old Castle


At nighttime time, Tarifa itself sparkles with bars, clubs and tapas bars galore. Though frequently passed over in favor of famous Andalusian destinations, Tarifa should be on each traveller’s bucket list. Read on to discover why you need to visit this brilliant Spanish city, from enjoying the monster surf to whale spotting at the Strait of Gibraltar.

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Due to the two strong winds which form the climate in this part of Spain, Tarifa became the kitesurfing capital of Europe. Dozens of schools provide classes and you purchase or rent your equipment from the browsing emporiums along Batalla del Salado, the main drag. Tarifa’s sturdy Castillo de Guzman dates from the 10th century, when it was constructed on the orders of the Caliph of both Có, rdoba to defend the town from invaders. It is named after Alonso Perez de Guzman, the commander who defended Tarifa from the Moorish siege at 1294, forfeiting his own son in the procedure.

In case kitesurfing sounds like way too much hard work, you may simply lie on Tarifa’s spectacular beaches instead. The two most popular are Playa de Los Lances, a mostly unspoilt stretch of sand that is free from kitesurfers throughout the summertime and, a little further north, Playa de Valdevaqueros, in which you will find some amazing sand dunes. Walk throughout Puerta de Jerez – the only one of the four medieval entries staying – and you will find yourself in the densely packed maze of whitewashed houses and pretty squares which is Tarifa’s old town. Its central sq is Plaza de Santa Maria, unofficially called Plaza de la Ranita.

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Baeolo Claudia

You will soon see why. Some 23 km north of Tarifa, near the coast town of Bolonia, are a few of southern Spain’s most important Roman ruins. Baeolo Claudia dates back to the end of the 2nd century BC and lasted till the sixth century AD, surviving several demolition and earthquakes along the way. Impressively conserved are the temple, bathrooms, aqueduct and fish salting facilities. Due to its reputation as one of Europe’s top surfing destinations, Tarifa has a chilled, bohemian vibe which at once distinguishes from other Andalusian cities.

This fashion characterises all the aspects of the city, from the grungy beach bars into the shabby chic charm of the past quarter. Every Sept, as large season draws to a close, Tarifa celebrates its annual feria. Although less famous than the yearly blowouts in neighboring cities such as Cádiz and Seville, this week long extravaganza is every bit as entertaining, with locals abandoning everything for the drinking, drinking, dancing and religious festivities.


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