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Sitio de Calahonda, almost exactly between Marbella and Fuengirola, is a triangular town, or urbanisation, reaching from the sea up in to the foothills of the Sierra Blanca mountains, in the Mijas Costa region, Malaga Province, on the Costa del Sol.

Sitio de Calahonda - A Quiet Town between Marbella & Fuengirola.
Sitio de Calahonda – A Quiet Town between Marbella & Fuengirola.

Sitio De Calahonda

A long-time popular destination for tourists, historically from Britain – the locals used to call it Little England –  but increasingly more diverse recently, with many nationalities resident, Calahonda (not to be confused with the other Calahonda over next to Motril) is a quiet urbanisation.  An older crowd, on the whole, with entertainment that shows it.

There used to be a ‘tourist train’ (a tractor, made up to look like a steam train, with two carriages of around 10 people), which ran from the El Zoco shopping centre, right up Calle Orbaneja in to the hills.  It was fantastic!  Sadly, rumour has it, the train was closed by local then-monopoly taxi company, Mijas Taxis, which is rather sad, however, I think it’s likely the Coronavirus would have knock the train out of business anyway.

Food Shopping in Calahonda

There are a few supermarkets in Calahonda, in El Zoco, next door in Los Olivos, and over at Los Cipreses, you’ll find a SuperSol and Lidl.  Plenty of smaller minimarkets, too, including an Iceland for you Brits!  HP Sauce and Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Chipsticks!!

Eating and Drinking Out

There are lots of restaurants in Calahonda.  I can’t say exactly, but the ratio of restaurants to people eating in restaurants is probably unhealthily unbalanced.  Lots of places to choose from – English, Chinese, Indian, Pizza and chicken places – you might even find a Spanish place!!

Most of the entertainment in Calahonda is concentrated around either ‘The Strip’ or ‘El Zoco’.

Calahonda News

93.6 Global Radio - the Official English Speaking Radio on the Costa del Sol.
93.6 Global Radio

The best place to get the local news about Sitio de Calahonda and the Costa del Sol is 93.6 Global Radio!  Live presenters every day – Clare Lloyd in the morning, Mark Peters at lunch time and Dave James all afternoon every week day!

It’s a lively station with lots of competitions, local news and events, special guests and chat, plus the best music from great presenters.  If it’s football you’re after, the sports show on a Saturday afternoon is an excellent live broadcast from the day’s matches, brought to you from Our Bar in El Zoco.

If you find yourself on Spain’s sunny Costa del Sol, tune in to 93.6 Global Radio, the brightest English-speaking radio station in Spain!  For expats and holiday makers alike, 93.6 Global Radio bring you all the latest news, traffic and flight information from the Costa del Sol.  Tune in on 93.6fm or online!

Sitio de Calahonda for Children

There isn’t too much to do for the kids, and that’s a shame.  Calahonda is a bit sleepy, a bit for yer ‘older’ folk, so your kids might get a little bored.  There are randomly dotted playgrounds for smaller children, but your younger teenagers might need more.

Places of Note in Calahonda

  • El Oceano Restaurant – Perhaps the best place to eat on the Costa!  Not cheap, but absolutely worth it!  Live music most nights and their, now famous, Sunday Pool Party!
  • – High quality, permanent and temporary internet connections, based in Sitio de Calahonda, in CC El Campanario.  WiMax, Fiber and 4G services offered.  Nice people to do business with!
  • ‘The Strip’ – A lively row of bars and restaurants, Little India, La Latina – Tapas bar and restaurant (one of the few Spanish places you’ll find in Calahonda), Rumores Lounge Bar, Little Italy, Tapavino Gastro Tapas and Wine Bar and Overseas Restaurant – Asian cuisine including Thai and Japanese, to name just a few.  If you’re in Calahonda, you’ll most likely end up on The Strip!
  • El Zoco – Once upon a daydream, El Zoco was, very much, THE place to go in Calahonda.  Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be that way now, although there is a revamp going on downstairs, which I hope will rejuvenate the place a little.  Still, lots and lots of bars, restaurants and shops and, if you’re staying in Calahonda, you should visit, no doubt.

Hotels in Calahonda

Surprisingly, there aren’t many.  Sitio de Calahonda was built (by Don José de Orbaneja) as an ‘urbanización’, consisting mostly of villas and apartments and catering hugely for the timeshare market.  Timeshare isn’t quite what it used to be, despite it being renamed ‘holiday club’, and since the rise of AirBnb and similar services, most holiday visitors to Calahonda will, most likely, be staying in privately owned houses and apartments.  Still, you’ll find many places to stay, including Macdonald Leila Playa Resort, Crown Resorts Club, Ona Campanario.

On an Unrelated Note

It’s nice to see that OCB cigarette papers have changed the box of the standard black variation!  Little perforations make life much nicer!  Thank you OCB.

On Another Unrelated Note

A CRASHING DISAPPOINTMENT.  Something popup up on some tiresome social bloody media site, showing a promo poster on a street in Japan for a band called “ANAL SEX PENiS” (the capitals and non-capitals are deliberate).  I have to say, I was intrigued.  I really want to know what a band called that sounded like.  So naturally, I Googled it and this appeared on YouChoob…

It’s rubbish.  Dreary, vaguely memorable, watery rubbish.  Bland, pop shite (sorry for the language, but my disappointment was overwhelming).  With a name like that, I expected significantly better.

Still, if – like so many millions – you prefer your music utterly bland and insipid, check them out!  🙂

[Some time passes.]

Actually, after searching a little more, things got a bit better, but only a bit…


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