Baeza Cathedral – Framed A3 Monochrome Print, Wall Art

Baeza Cathedral – Framed A3 Monochrome Print, Wall Art

  • Frame Size: 24½” wide by 19¾” tall*
  • Print Size: 16½” wide by 11¾” tall*

Bold, monochrome photo prints. Dramatic cloudy day, low-angle photo of the bell tower of the cathedral and an excellent cypress tree for balance. Impressive wall-hanging decoration for a modern home.




Baeza Cathedral – Framed A3 Monochrome Print, Wall Art

Baeza Cathedral – Framed A3 Monochrome Print, Wall Art – From a series of black and white photographs from the stunning and ancient city of Baeza, north of Granada in southern Spain.

A moody shot of the bell tower of the cathedral with cypress tree in the foreground.  Framed with a charcoal grey, mid-light frame and pale grey card mount.

31st May 2022

  • Frame Size: 24½” wide by 19¾” tall*
  • Print Size: 16½” wide by 11¾” tall*

*Sizes approximate.

monochrome style

Black and White Art Prints of Ireland - Framed Irish Wall Decoration - LoveBeautifulIreland sq01

Black and White Wall Art Prints

Classic monochrome prints for contemporary décor. With black and white prints you can never go wrong, they are timeless and will keep your home looking classy and stylish for a long time to come.  Yin and yang, straciatella frozen yogurt, zebras, pandas, Marlene Dietrich’s movies and Karl Lagerfeld’s design shows—the best things in life are clearly black and white!

Change your inside into a monochrome heaven with high contrast prints and wall art.

Black and White Prints


Decorating With Black & White For An Elegant Space

A high contrast finishing plan is a bold decision, as it requires cautious altering and a solid plan eye. This sort of inside can likewise show up ‘level’ on the off chance that you don’t present surface and inconspicuous apparent assortment. Yet, set up cautiously, it’s an extraordinary method to add show and style.

While monochrome brightening can be precarious to get right, a considered methodology will be compensated by a straightforward yet effective plan. Monochrome insides can function admirably in period homes, where a one-tone material serves to feature and supplement unique highlights.

In any case, tone and surface are significant – recollect that the best monochrome insides join development and profundity with material pieces to make a fascinating story.

See: White kitchen thoughts – for an in vogue plot that will stand the trial of time

1. Embrace the clouded side

A contemporary mix of dividers and dark paintwork, blended in with conventional apparatuses and fittings implies this all-monochrome plan has a perfect, state-of-the-art feel that will keep on looking classy for quite a long time to come. Painting components of your washroom dark is a splendid method to make a casings space that is sharp yet comfortable.

See: Bathroom thoughts – snappy stylistic layout thoughts for all washrooms

2. Make a highlight

A parlor looks exquisite and savvy brightened clearly, yet on the off chance that you are adhering strictly to the monochrome shading plan, it’s truly imperative to guarantee that you add a lot of surface into the space to guarantee it feels warm and inviting. Here, the profound heap mat and the examples on the seats and pads adds a genuinely necessary component of comfort.

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3. Pick dark for a kitchen – yet add warmth with wood

Dark kitchen cabinetry can look inconceivably keen against fresh white dividers, however to make the room genuinely effective, it’s imperative to guarantee the ground surface is pale-shaded to mirror light, and to add wood to the plan, regardless of whether in worktops, additional cabinetry or basically embellishments.

See: Kitchen thoughts – style and enhancing thoughts for all kitchens

4. Pick high contrast for a casual room

Adorning with highly contrasting is an assertion by its own doing. White shouldn’t be viewed as a default tone, possibly utilized in case you’re too apprehensive to even think about making all the more an assertion with shading. Monochrome in the room is shockingly peaceful just as beautiful.

Have a go at adding perfectly delicate decorations like finished tosses and contemporary pads for an absolutely stylish look that will stand the trial of time. You can continually get bits of shading with embellishments and material as and when you feel like it.

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5. Join high contrast with blonde wood

Highly contrasting is an ideal material to explore different avenues regarding various surfaces, particularly in a more conventional setting like a lounge area. Blonde wood is a splendid method to stop a highly contrasting plan from looking excessively clinical – and truth be told, can make that tranquil Scandinavian completion that is so enduringly mainstream.

6. Difference fresh white in a unique way of dark

Picking a white kitchen could be the best choice you’ll at any point make, kitchen-wise. White cabinetry is consistently a success, and albeit white is once in a while viewed as the protected choice where divider tone (or absence of it!) is concerned, white cabinetry is an up-to-date and form forward choice.

The typical plan rules apply however, especially where white is concerned. It’s by and large recognized that a thoroughly white shading plan can look clinical, helping us to remember a working theater as opposed to a warm, inviting room that is the ‘heart of the home’.

Consolidate differentiating completes, for example, normal stone or hardwood flooring – which likewise have textural characteristics to make lustrous or matt white cabinetry all the seriously striking when sitting close by.

7. Connection spaces along with high contrast

Connection two separate spaces together utilizing highly contrasting – putting it on building components, like entryways and paintwork in one territory, and on furniture in others makes an unpretentious visual connection between the two that is downplayed and exquisite.

How would you embellish with highly contrasting

Beautifying with highly contrasting gives you the fresh start you need to add in either sprinkles of brilliant tone, warmth with common materials, like wood, or surface in floor coverings, tosses and different materials.  “Nope, it’s not just the Costa del Sol!”

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