Marbella Orange Square to be Redeveloped

Marbella Orange Square to be Redeveloped.  Not everyone’s happy.  It looks like Marbella council have already started work, destroying most of the existing vegetation.  Is this a well-overdue revamp for Marbella’s iconic square, or bad timing during the Covid chaos?

Marbella Orange Square to be Redeveloped
Marbella Orange Square to be Redeveloped

Marbella Orange Square to be Redeveloped

According to social media, Marbella’s famous Orange Square is to be ‘redeveloped’.

This is, apparently, the plan for the all new Orange Square.

I like open spaces, for sure, but this seems to have bee done without any consultation or consensus from locals.

What do you think?  Is this a long-overdue rejuvenation for one of Marbella’s most iconic attractions, or another example of hapless councils wasting money at a time of great crisis?


From Facebook…

New arboricide in Marbella. This is shameful and an aberration on the part of the PP. Without agreeing with anyone, with nocturnality and treachery. Now they will plant it with flowers, what is the most profitable for them?

“We can’t believe what they are doing in the Plaza de los Naranjos! They have also razed all the vegetation in the gardens without reaching a consensus with any association in the Old Town or with any environmental association, such a place as identity of our city as the Plaza de los Naranjos. These projects in any municipality where citizen participation is truly created, what they do before executing it, to make them public so that neighbors and groups can give their opinion. We imagine the business: to put seasonal plants and the multitude of tables that will be later will not even be camouflaged by the vegetation and the result will be a clear deterioration of the urban landscape in this emblematic place of our city.”

According to Euro Weekly News, Back in October

Business owners plan a demonstration in Orange Square Marbella

UNDER the banner RIP Commercio Marbella, a number of local business owners are due to meet in Orange Square outside the Council Office at 10am on Friday October 30 to complain about the lack of assistance given since the lockdown.

They say that they have received nothing in eight months from the Marbella Council by way of financial support and that a number of businesses have had to close down leaving families without income but with debts.

They go on to say…

In March and April there was talk of an economic reactivation plan with a budget of €140 million, but those organising the protest say that they have not heard of a single business receiving any money at all.

They claim that Councils across Spain have given help to local firms and due to the fact that Marbella is a great tourist attraction (under normal circumstances) rents are expensive as are general living costs so their pockets are empty.

Marbella Orange Square

The old town of Marbella is a great place to explore the cobbled streets of Orange Square, which is almost in the centre. The square itself is surrounded by shops, restaurants and tapas bars and you can always sit somewhere and watch the world while enjoying a local sip and a bite to eat. When you enter the square, you will see where the name comes from, as the mass of orange bars line it. This square is full of hidden gems, such as the El Estrecho bar and the wonderful El Estrecho bar nearby if you want to try tapas. The Orange Tree restaurant right on the main square is worth a try.

The centre of Marbella is bordered by Orange Square, located in the heart of the old town, where tiny cobbled streets are lined with tiny shops, restaurants and bars.

There are also a variety of restaurants in the area, and the morning is peaceful, but there is no place. Orangeplatz, also known as “Cobblestone Square,” is a charming square surrounded by cobbled streets and whitewashed townhouses. The square is one of Marbella’s most popular tourist attractions and a popular destination for tourists.

If you want to treat yourself to fried donuts – like pastries dipped in melted chocolate in the morning, noon or evening – Churreria Ramon is particularly popular, while Cafeteria los Naranjos is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a drink while you soak up the atmosphere. For fashionistas, the iconic square is also home to stylish boutiques, where you will find a variety of unique pieces sold by jewelers, as well as a wide range of clothing and accessories. If you want to relax in a peaceful environment, you can visit one of the central restaurants, surrounded by beautiful orange trees and tropical flowers, and it would be easy to spend the whole afternoon here to see the world passing by, as the sweet scent of orange blossom and jasmine will help you relax and float to Marbella.

Whether you want to enjoy a stroll through the beautiful streets of Orange Square or a night on the beach, there is something for everyone And you won’t be disappointed by Marbella’s Orange Square.

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