48 Hours In Malaga, An Insider Guide To The Cultural Gateway To Andalucía

These are uncommon occasions, and the situation can change rapidly. If it’s not too much trouble, check the most recent travel direction prior to making your excursion. Note that our essayist visited pre-pandemic. Spain’s renewed focal point for culture.

Málaga is a Stunning City and the Arrival Point for the Costa de Sol
Málaga is a Stunning City and the Arrival Point for the Costa de Sol

48 Hours In Malaga, An Insider Guide To The Cultural Gateway To Andalucía

Málaga has shaken off its standing as being simply the doorway to the Costa del Sol. Redone and revived, the city currently flaunts a smooth port, an energizing culinary scene and a quickly developing grasp of imaginative attractions. Truth be told, it’s rapidly getting perceived as one of Spain’s social center points, blasting at the creases with spots to investigate from the eye catching Pompidou Center and ever-well known Museu de Picasso – which observes Malaga’s most celebrated child – to the road craftsmanship shrouded roads of its tense Soho region.

Málaga, The Cultural Gateway To Andalucía

Be that as it may, it’s not all new. This is perhaps the most seasoned city in Spain and signs of its rich past are dispersed across Malaga: the cobbled roads of the old quarter, its mountainside Roman Amphitheater, the Moorish bastions of the Alcazaba and Gilfarbaro. And surprisingly once the touring is done, there’s as yet a city brimming with housetop bars, shining shop stores and close by sea shores to investigate.


Benalmádena is one of the more popular towns on the Costa with tourists from all over Europe.  The town also has a huge expat and holiday-maker population. A stunning old town, coast and marina, Benalmádena (emphasise the 'MAD', as 'Benal-MAD-ena') is...


Fuengirola is a small beach town, on Spain's beauitful Costa del Sol.  The beach stretches about 5 miles, from Sohail Castle in the west to Torreblanca in the east and is a perfect summer beach - flat, long, gentle waters, great for the kids!  The promenade i...


Málaga has so much to offer even the most discerning tourist, and there is plenty to do to hike and cycle through the dazzling sections of the Costa del Sol.


Marbella.  There are many things to do in Marbella, from strolling through the old town to walking to take some time out to do some shopping. I strongly recommend discovering and enjoying the old streets and squares square by square. There is nothing ...


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