Torreón de La Cala de Mijas

Torreón de La Cala de Mijas.  The watchtower at La Cala de Mijas.

Torreón de La Cala de Mijas

The tower is hoof shaped, it’s formed by half a prolonged circle with two lunette salient. Its perimeter is 35 meters approximatelly and it’s more that 10 meters. Within the tower has two floors, the lower or the basement could be the Santa Barbara. The top floor or primary chamber is iluminated by two windows and has a brick vaulted cellar in line with northern headwall, and is equipped with all the necessary services. Lastly, a roof terrace with parapet and chimney pit for smoke. On the two lunette prominent there are roof terraces, where there are two turrets of 2.40 x 2.30 m in geight.

Both turrets have arrow slits on the front that are covered with Arabic tiles. The tower has been constructed of brick masonry with various components like corner pillar, hams and lintels, embrasures, parapet moldings, interior walls and vaults. The initial access to the tower was 6 legs high up. As indicated in a report of 1773, the Reducto, La Cala del Moral Tower was built in this year. A year later, another report mentions that the tower was equipped with two cannons of 16 or 24 lbs in weight and that they had been in good condition. In 1821, it was observed that Torre Cala del Moral Artillery needed new ground for two cannons of 8 lbs in weight and desired considerable works.

Later, at a document of 1830, the tower is described as a circular tower of 11 varas, in diameter and surrounded by a fortification of 13 and a half varas, high and the tower, that was garrisoned by a corporal, three towewr keepers along with six soldiers. Back in 1849, a report is made saying that the tower is in a really bad condition and its is advised not to preserve it, nonetheless in 1857 it’s mentioned that the tower has been repaired and is still in good condition. In later reports: 1860, 1873, 1906 and 1945, it’s suggested that the tower is unarmed.

Some writers point out, erroneously, that the tower was finished from the early nineteenth century. At the last century, the tower was a window, in what was utilized as a home along with a front door was started in road level, and a window, in what was initially the ammunition depot. The house of the Interpretation Centre of Watchtowers. Presently it’s the house of the Interpretation Centre of Watchtowers. This distance presents an overall sample on the source of the surveillance of the shoreline and particularly the case of the Mijas shore, the sources utilized, the municipality, the reproduction of historic texts, a documentary on the all the four towers that we’ve from the municipality, the reproduction of historical texts, a documentary on the features of this defense system along with the Mijas towers and in the future the creation of a pc archive.

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