Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús is a holiday destination to visit if you want to experience luxury accommodation, hotel, nightlife, bars and restaurants, located just a few steps from the beach and the city center.

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Puerto Banús

Once an old Spanish fishing village, Puerto José Banús (more commonly known simply as ‘Puerto Banús’) was developed by José Banús in 1970 as a luxury marina and shopping complex.

The Puerto Banús ferry from Marbella is a great thing to be on your list of activities, but if it’s not enough to sit at the marina and watch people, why not try something different in Puerto Banús?  If you are looking for a more relaxed beach bar, you can visit one of the many excellent bars and restaurants in the area.

Puerto Banús is a must-visit for tourists who choose Marbella and the Costa del Sol as their holiday destination. Puerto Banus is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and a popular destination for celebrities and the famous.

From June onwards, the summer season in Puerto Banús, Estepona and Marbella begin, and with it, a variety of festivals and parties. These events include a variety of events such as concerts, art exhibitions, festivals, concerts and much more.


If you go shopping day and night in Puerto Banús, eat in restaurants, admire spectacular yachts and luxury cars, have a drink in one of the many bars and restaurants in Puerto Banús and go shopping in a fashionable boutique, you can enjoy the many shops.

Puerto Banús is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. The summer solstice is celebrated, where bonfires are lit on the beach in front of the old town. Due to the urbanization of this area by the sea, there are a large number of hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and restaurants.

If you want to eat and then party, Banús is the place to be and visiting the markets is a great way to pass the time. The impressive Sierra Blanca is protected and is undoubtedly the biggest attraction in Puerto Banús with an exceptionally mild microclimate, with summer temperatures reaching 32-35 degrees and winter temperatures in the low 20s and low 30s.

Besides the luxurious parties, Banús has a great heritage and an incredible fauna and flora. You do not need a car, but if you want to move around the city and visit the beaches and villages of the region, it is advisable to travel on foot or by bus. We recommend diving, where you can reach almost all of Gibraltar and dive in one of the most beautiful waters in the world. The area offers a wide range of hiking trails and trails, as well as a number of parks and beaches where you can discover the fauna and flora of each region.

If you enjoy good food, you can also visit Banús and sample the culinary offerings of local restaurants such as the famous El Pueblo restaurant or the popular El Cajon restaurant.

Beaches are well known for their glamour, but we must not forget that the area has many centuries of history and although it is a worldwide tourist destination, this charming area is typical of Andalusian cities. The traditional old town joins the more modern seafront promenade, and the beaches are a perfect combination of old and new. If you are planning to visit Banús on your next holiday, I strongly recommend staying in one of these hotels and learning more about the history of Banús, its history as a city and some of its attractions.

The area is ideal for short term apartments as it has all the amenities of Puerto Banús in hand and is just a few steps from the beach, which is one of the most famous marinas on the Costa del Sol. Count the creators of the port of Cannes, count the urbanization that surrounds it, known as Nueva Andalucia.

These are two neighbourhoods that you will not find anywhere else during your holiday in Spain. If you want to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Puerto Banús and the breathtaking views of the city center, the beach in Puerto Banús will not disappoint you. There are many different types of beaches in the city, all of which make a holiday in Banús completely unique.

One of my favourite things to do in Puerto Banús and definitely my favourite is walking around the marina.

If you don’t need to rent a car and take a bus, you can find the local Puerto Banús bus lines on the Internet.  Throw away, Benabola Hotel and Suites is the place for you, just a few blocks from the marina and a short walk away.

If you can only travel by bus, there is the bus station of Marbella, which is located 8 km from Puerto Banús. It might be better to wait for a direct bus to Marbella as mentioned below, but you could stop in Fuengirola before taking the bus from there. The train to Puerto Banús is only possible if you take a bus to and from Puerto Banús and you may have to stop in Marbella for buses before taking the train to Fuengirola. The trains could take you to or from Fuengirola and then to San Juan de Guadalupe.

I would say that living in Puerto Banús would not be an advantage for me compared to other towns on the Costa del Sol. If it’s not your money and you stay somewhere nearby, it’s a great day out and the perfect place to spend a day off. Puerto Banús is a beautiful city with a nice atmosphere, good food and a great view of the sea. So if you don’t have the money, it would be a perfect day – for you.

On your journey from Marbella to Puerto Banús you will find restaurants, bars and exclusive shops and crafts. There is a tunnel that is about 4.3 miles long and can be reached through the tunnel, and there are a number of restaurants and bars in the area as well as a few shops.

The Fly, a blue motor catamaran, offers a ferry from Puerto Banús to Marbella with a journey time of 30 minutes each way. The boat departs from the marina PuertoBanus in Marbela and the maximum capacity is 11 people and a professional skipper.

When you book a hotel or apartment, check the location on Google Maps to make sure it is in Puerto Banús, even if some people use the word “Puerto Banús” and some of the places are actually in San Pedro or even Estepona, be sure to be in Puerto Banús. When you leave Puerto Banús and go shopping in Marbella, you have the opportunity to return to the Banús to prepare for the nightlife.


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