Cabopino, is a small development and marina just within the boundaries of Marbella province.  It’s a nice little place with a variety of places to eat and drink.  Some super cheap, like La Longa, some mighty expensive, like Alberts (very good though).  The excellent Boardwalk is, as of this post, almost at Cabopino!

Cabopino Marina, Beach and Village - Costa del Sol Today
Cabopino Marina, Beach and Village – Costa del Sol Today


It’s a nice walk along the beach around Cabopino to come back to the marina for drinks and food. A small beach resort and marina on the border of Mijas and Marbella, Cabopino is a great place to spend a day, visit for a week, or live!  The plazas and marina are generally lively and the long, gentle – very child-friendly – beach are all-year-round popular with locals and holiday makers.

La Lonja Chiringuito on the beach is a great place to chill at the edge of the beach.  Post Covid, I’m not who’s still there, but there were a few very nice, ‘bit pricey, but good restaurant and bars.

Parking’s always a problem, ten million times as much in the high season.  And it wasn’t too cheap last time we were there.

Talking of children, there are LOADS of fish in the water, keep the kids happy for a while.  Plus there are – assuming the time of year – lots of those €1 rides and ice-cream shops to keep them happy.  The beach is safe and clean, too.

God Only Knows What This Lot Means…

James Bond lived in Cabopino!
James Bond lived in Cabopino!

From 1970 to 1998 Sean Connery had the luxury of being seen playing golf regularly when he was not filming, and from 1998 he had his own golf course on Playa Cabopino. The international resort, which was aimed at movie stars, businessmen and nobility, was opened in 1954. It was opened in honour of the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one of Spain’s most famous film stars.

I can’t find anything to corroborate that last paragraph.  “movie stars, businessmen and nobility”?

The city has a number of public and privately run cultural facilities as well as a venue for other events. There are also a variety of cultural events such as concerts, art exhibitions, festivals and concerts.  That last sentence might be able about Marbella, Cabopino isn’t a city.  Some of the information below may, or may not, reflect reality.  We’ll see.  If it’s important, check with someone else.

Around Cabopino

Marbella is protected on its northern side by the coastal mountains of the Cordillera Penibetica and has a wide range of beaches as well as a number of public and private beaches. The coast is generally low and has sandy beaches that extend further east near the fishing port of Cabopino. Among the many notable beaches, Artola beach is located in the protected area of Dunas de artola, and the city maintains a variety of private and public beaches such as La Paz de Marbella, La Cumbre and La Bodega. While the coasts are generally lower, along the coast there are some rocky beaches with some sandy and rocky cliffs and cliffs.

K Block is one of my favorites as it offers stunning views of Marina Beach and the pool. The urbanization of the seaside area is due to the construction of a large number of hotels, restaurants, hotels and hotels. Other important regions in the province are Bebe, La Paz de Marbella, Cabopino, Cumbre and La Bodega, as well as the city centre and some of its suburbs.

It is a powerful destination that will help you create eternal memories and ideal for anyone who wants to have the chance to learn a little about the Spanish culture on this side of the coast. You don’t have to be an estate agent, but I want to hear from everyone in Spain, whether they are working or retired.

Cabopino between Mijas and Marbella


Good God.  There’s More!

The electoral rolls are composed of all residents registered in Marbella who are over 18 years of age and the population is concentrated in the districts of Nueva Andalucia and Las Chapas, which are located along the coast and on the mountain slopes. There are twenty – four beaches with different characteristics, divided into four main areas: Puerto Banus, Puerto la Bajadilla, El Pueblo, San Juan and San Jose. Due to the expansion of the commune, some of them are now semi-urban, but the rest are scattered throughout the district, which is located between the coasts and the mountain slopes. The four ports of Marbella are primarily recreational berths; regular scheduled services operate from the other ports, with the exception of Puerto Banus and Puerto de la Bajadsilla, which are allowed to dock on cruise ships.

There are taxi ranks on the Costa del Sol, but you do not need a car as there are a number of public transport options, such as buses, taxis and private cars. There is a public bus service from the city center to Puerto Banus, Puerto de la Bajadilla, El Pueblo and San Jose.

There are a variety of annual festivals and most barrios in Marbella have neighbourhood clubs that organise events to promote cultural activities, including sporting events. Malaga tourists also love the Sagrado Nacional, the annual festival of music, dance, art, food and entertainment. Other events are held sporadically, such as concerts, dances and other cultural events, as well as a number of cultural festivals.

The nightlife in Malaga should not be ignored as it is one of the most popular places in the city and a major sporting event is covered. Nerja has a number of live music venues for different ages and tastes, and some regularly offer live music, such as the popular barbecue bar Barca de la Paz.

A great place to spend an evening is the small alley that leads to Calle Cristo. Just look at the signs outside as you walk by. There are regular karaoke and other events and a regular flamenco show in the evening, but there are many other great places to enjoy yourself in Malaga, such as the popular Barca de la Paz bar.

Golf Andalusia and Golf Spain is one of the largest golf magazines in Spain with over 45,000 copies distributed throughout Spain. The Marbella newspaper and magazine are published in Malaga, as are the local newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport and the golf magazine Golf de la Paz. The editorial staff also has offices in both cities and there are a number of other publications in the region such as Golf Espana, Giro d’Italia, El Mundo and Girona.

Golf Andalusia and Golf Spain is also the official golf magazine of the Spanish Golf Federation and the European Golf Federation.


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