Torremolinos – a fun and inexpensive Spanish holiday paradise!  An excellent town to visit, it’s absolutely set up for tourism and knows how to deliver a cracking holiday break in Spain!  Torremolinos is between Benalmádena and Fuengirola. Gay friendly, too!

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Torremolinos. Torremolinos is the largest, liveliest and most popular vacation resort in the Costa del Sol.
Torremolinos. Torremolinos is the largest, liveliest and most popular vacation resort in the Costa del Sol.


Torremolinos is a long-established tourist resort on the Costa del Sol and its visitors are offered a variety of opportunities to spend a holiday based on a great holiday. At the western end of the town is La Carihuela, where there are still fishermen’s houses and which is known for its beautiful sandy beach and the beach Playamar to the east. In Torremenos, however, there are chiringuitos (beach bars) on the beach of Los Alamos, which offer live activities all year round, especially at weekends.

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Travelers will also find some good restaurants, including Michelin restaurants, located nearby, as well as some of Málaga‘s most popular hotels, such as the Hotel de la Ciencias and Plaza de los Angeles, while the latter also has a number of beach restaurants offering nice classic Andalusian lunches.

The Beaches of Torremolinos

The picturesque coast of Torremolinos is divided into four main beaches, each of which is characterized by the many services it offers, such as swimming, fishing, swimming pools, beach volleyball and beach tennis.

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The beaches are among the most spectacular in the region and offer an incomparable landscape on the Costa del Sol. Accompanied by a pleasant and always lively promenade, this stretch of coast is the perfect destination for those who want to spend a comfortable and effortless beach holiday.

The sand itself is clean and well maintained, with clear, protected water ideal for swimming. The most central beach of Torremolinos is Calle San Miguel, one of the most popular beaches in the region and the only one on the Costa del Sol. Follow the lookout staircase that leads from Calles San Francisco to the sea and follow it to San Jose. See below for a list of all four beaches, and then scroll down for more information about them.

Along the Waterfront

The waterfront street is lined with restaurants, shops and restaurants that offer a variety of local seafood. The 1100 foot long beach offers all the amenities you could imagine, such as a pool, beach bar, restaurants and bars, and shops.

The Playa is also easily accessible from the center, so follow the promenade to Playa El Bajondillo to get there. This sun bed with palm trees and lots of sand is the perfect place to take a siesta and entertain your children. If you go to Punta de Torremolinos, you can also go to the other end of the beach, the Playas de la Puntas. The two beaches are surrounded by a rocky promontory that separates the two beaches and rises to the sea, creating a fantastic point for photos of the picturesque coast.

Playamar, also known as Playa El Retiro, is perhaps the most popular beach in Torremolinos and one of the best beaches in the country. Here you will find a wide selection of beaches that you can rent at an affordable price, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

The palm trees and grasses on the beach provide a haven from the intense sun if you are looking for shade, but you can also enjoy a few cool drinks. Playamar is located in the heart of Torremolinos, just a few blocks from Playa El Retiro, so there is certainly plenty of sand to relax and work on your tan.

Los Alamos is located very close to the airport of the capital and borders the coast of Málaga, but is just a few blocks from Playa El Retiro, the main beach of Torremolinos. In the afternoon, this beach is ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the more central beaches.

Los Alamos is also a place to behave at sunset, with music, lights and people that animate the scene. The beach clubs along this stretch of the coast are some of the most popular in the area. In the evening, the beach is one of the liveliest areas of the city, with its many bars, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Gay Torremolinos

Torremolinos is located just 12 km south of Málaga, in the heart of the Costa del Sol and has long been a popular destination for gay tourists. The city and its legendary beaches have been thoroughly modernized and today attract many discerning Spaniards and international tourists. Torremolinos had a large gay scene on the Spanish coast and remains one of Spain’s most gay-friendly tourist destinations. Since the beginning of the tourism industry in the late 1950s, it has been a popular destination for homosexuals, but has since improved its status as a tourist destination.

The town of Torremolinos, with its famous beaches and beautiful beaches, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol.

As is typical of Spain, the result is a lively gay scene, full of dance clubs, bars, restaurants and bars. Gay Torremolinos is one of the most popular gay tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol, known for its great beaches, beautiful beaches and fantastic beaches. At weekends, when the scene returns to its normal activities such as dancing in clubs and drinking, it is reserved for the gay tourists who visit it. The gay night scene is concentrated in the city centre with its many gay bars and clubs.

Gay Hotels

Torremolinos is nicknamed “Chueca Beach” after Madrid’s famous gay quarter, and it was here that Spain’s first gay bar opened 50 years ago. During Franco’s repressive rule, it was an oasis of freedom for a long time, but since then, fortunes have grown and today we can say with confidence that things are back on track.

The hotels here still have an architectural style that can best be described as ruinous, and in the 1970s stuffy package tours might have been the name of the “terrible tower,” but today it has grown up and attracts trendy jet-setters and many queers.

Torremolinos is not only gay-friendly, but also particularly popular with the crowd of bear fetishes, as gay men flock to the crowded bars and clubs in the evenings, reflecting the annual crusader bar events held for them. Torremolos is gay-friendly not only in the summer months, but also in the winter months, and it always feels like the queens have taken complete control. Sometimes I had trouble finding people, sometimes not; but it was always positive to sizzle in an unpretentious gay holiday destination while working all day on the beach and avoiding the usual tourist attractions such as hotels and restaurants. No matter what time of year you visit, you will always be welcomed with open arms.

Torremolinos is perhaps the only gay holiday destination I have never heard of in Spain, and perhaps one of the few in the world I have never visited.

More Stuff about Torrmolinos

The town of Torremolinos is famous for its exquisite-looking seafood restaurants, beautiful beaches and a lively and vibrant culture.

It has the longest promenade in Spain and many bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs and discos, so it is a great base to explore the city. Be sure to visit the beautiful beaches of Torremolinos and its many beaches, and if you feel like venturing further into nature, the historic cities of Seville, Cordoba and Granada are worth a visit. It is an ideal base for a day trip to the city of Barcelona or even for an evening in one of the many bars and restaurants of the city, but be warned, it is far from the main tourist attractions of the Spanish capital.

If you don’t mind navigating the steep hills, Benalmadena Palace is also recommended, but if you can’t walk from Torremolinos to Fuengirola, you’ll have to take a bus. If you do not need to rent a car, the transfer from Málaga Airport to the Remolino Gate is a quick and convenient option, or if you prefer, it can be booked. Car hire at Málaga Airport can be a nice and cheap option if you also want to visit Malagua. So do not hesitate to check the rental price there as you will need your own vehicle to discover it during your holiday.

Torremolinos has excellent road and rail links with 5 train and bus stations and is easily accessible from Málaga Airport train station. The capital of the Costa del Sol can also be reached by the Cercanias C-1 bus, which takes you from the airport to the city centre in just 20 minutes. The short distance also makes taxis cheap and there are many of them in the area, like the one above this post, and a number of others.

You can also check the number of buses in the city centre that run from Málaga to Torremolinos. If you are travelling by bus between Malagua and Tor Remolino, the Malagua Bus Station, called Estacion de Autobuses de Málaga, is located on Paseo de Tilos in the centre of Malaga, at the Cercanias C-1 bus stop on Calle Hoyo 10 (29620) and then to the airport. Once in Tor remolinas, you will arrive at Torreres de la Tarde, a bus station in Malaga, located in the Paseso del Tilo in the city centre.

A bus network that connects Torremolinos with Málaga, as well as the airport and the city centre. Buses to and from Torreres de la Tarde run fairly frequently, and buses to Tor

Remolino run morning and evening, except a few times a day, on weekends and holidays.

If you want to explore the area by public transport, there are several options available, such as the bus Torremolinos – Malagua. The Avanazbus company operates a fast and frequent bus service between Torreres de la Tarde and Tor Remolino, connecting the two Spanish cities with Málaga. There are also mornings and evenings, except weekends and holidays, and Fridays and Saturdays.

The city is a better place to explore the coast of the interior, including the cities of Fuengirola, Marbella and Mijas Pueblo. The hotel is a 12-minute drive from Torremolinos, which offers on-site attractions and great views of the city of Málaga.

If you are considering visiting Torremolinos, you might consider this map as a useful tool and if you want more options or want to shop more, we recommend you take a look at our route through Málaga. We # Ve has presented a list of the most popular tourist attractions of the city, highlighted in Tor Remolino. This city has a real “Spanish feeling” and is historically closely linked to Málaga’s city. If you like more Spanish adventure, then opt for Torremolinos, just a short drive away.

Forget the other places on the Costa del Sol by train, between Benalmádena and Torremolinos, both are easy to reach. Next to Tor Remolino, you can visit Fuengirola, a place with a deep-rooted tourist tradition. It has more “city” character, but with more restaurants, shops, restaurants and hotels and of course the most popular tourist attractions of the city.

The city is bypassed by the A-7 motorway from the north, and Málaga Airport (also commonly referred to as “Málaga Airport”) is the main airport serving the area of Torremolinos in the province of Malaga. Normally tourists visit Tor Remolino mostly at the airport itself or on the suburban trains that connect it directly to the city.



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