Mijas Pueblo. A Beautiful ‘White Town’ in Andalusia.

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Mijas Pueblo, a beautiful ‘white town’ nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de Mijas mountain range behind the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.  Stunning views over the Costa, LOTS of tourist-type stuff to do, but maybe not really for the younger generations’ needs.  It’s gentle and quiet, a nice place. Easy to get to from La Cala and Fuengirola.

Mijas Pueblo, A Jewel of a White Town on the Costa del Sol.
Mijas Pueblo, A Jewel of a White Town on the Costa del Sol.
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Mijas Pueblo

You may have visited some of the most famous and famous places in Spain, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Alicante, but you may not have heard of a typical Andalusian village called Mijas Pueblo. It is part of the province of Málaga and is located south coast of Spain in the southernmost province of Andalucia.

This charming white village is located in the hills between Fuengirola and Benalmádena with stunning views over the coast and on to the Mediterranean Sea.  It is a ‘typical’ Andalucian white washed village perched in the foothills of the Sierra e Mijas mountains, a few kilometers from the city of Málaga.

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A White Town

Mijas Pueblo is a whitewashed village perched on a hill by the sea, but many visitors who come here will recognize that it occupies a special place in their hearts. Although it is now an important tourist attraction, it has lost none of its charm and manages to retain a very authentic Spanish atmosphere.


If you are looking for fantastic views, restaurants and a little culture, Mijas Pueblo is the place to be. Spend a few days or nights here and see what this beautiful little village has to offer. Although most visitors tend to visit just for the day, the town offers a handful of hotels.

Accommodation in Mijas Pueblo

  • La Posada de Mijas
    Located in the historic center of Mijas Pueblo, 200 meters from the bullring, offering air-conditioned apartments and studios with views of the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Hotel Trh Mijas
    The TRH Mijas Hotel is a complete 4-star hotel in Mijas, located within the urban area of Mijas Pueblo, full of character and personality.
  • La Casa de la Iglesia
    A small hotel in the center of the town.

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When you arrive at the tourist office, take a map and all the most important sights should be listed on the map. In 1586, the Virgin Mary, patron saint of Mijas, was built by a father and two children under the guidance of doves to reveal a long, lost statue of her behind a wall. The statue now stands proudly on the altar of a tiny chapel surrounded by flowers.

A fascinating story is told about how the village of Mijas originally became famous and when the shrine was built, visitors came from far away. After visiting the sanctuary, we will pass through the sacristy, where there are elaborate vestments and silver crosses used in religious processions at the time of the discovery of the Virgin Mary in this village.

The back door leads to a beautiful terrace, which on a clear day offers a breathtaking view of the town of Mijas and its beautiful vineyards. The Malaga region is one of the most famous wine-growing regions in Spain, famous for its wine, especially the sweet “Malaga” wine from the Pedro Ximenez grape. This “Wine Museum Mijas” offers visitors the opportunity to discover and taste the best Spanish wine, and of course some of its most popular wines, such as rose wine.

The museum staff are all wine experts and will be happy to advise you on the dishes that best suit your choice if you feel a little spicy. The lovely little terrace at the back of the museum is the perfect place to enjoy a glass or two or join us for an afternoon tasting and enjoy everything while you want to know more. If you don’t have enough to do by then, you can also register for an afternoon tasting at their restaurant, the Mijas Pueblo.

More Towns & Villages on the Costa del Sol

Muralla Gardens

Muralla Gardens is located on the site of the original fortress that once stood here and As you can see, it is a wonderful place to take a walk and enjoy the sights, especially as the park is surrounded by an ancient bullring. Coins and binoculars are available in all parks to enhance the experience.

If you are in Mijas on Wednesdays, there is a free flamenco show in the parking lot and you can enjoy traditional Spanish folklore while sipping a cold drink in the shade of one of the cafes scattered across the square. Choose the covered restaurant with huge windows that offers fantastic views of Mijas Costa.

Welcome to the smallest chocolate factory in the world and taste the homemade chocolate ice cream, all lovingly made on site and prepared with the best ingredients.

If you’re really chocolate crazy, you can book a chocolate experience and take home three of your own chocolate bars. It is basically the largest chocolate factory in the world, complete with ice cream parlour and chocolate bars. Like most museums, visitors can enjoy and treat the many works of art on display, this time with chocolate.

The Donkeys of Mijas Pueblo

Mijas Pueblo is also known for its donkey taxis that offer trips from the center to the outskirts of the village.  It sounds like a good idea, but I’ve seen far too many disgracefully fat people riding the poor animals in tortuous heat.  If your care about animal welfare, don’t help line the pockets of those who perpetrate this cruelty.

Mijas Pueblo Photos

La Cala de Mijas is just a short bus ride away and has a number of restaurants, cafes, shops, restaurants and hotels as well as a variety of shops.

We only had one day to spend in Mijas, but our friendly driver knew that he kept all the secrets about the country and his knowledge will make your visit an unforgettable and unique experience. If you have ever visited this unique location in Andalusia, please let us know in the comments below if you have anything to do in and around Mijas Pueblo.

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If you don’t have a busy itinerary to drive to Mijas Pueblo, we recommend you take the opportunity to walk through the white village on the less busy roads and climb up where the views are magnificent. If you want more, you can take the path that leads from the Sierra de Mijas to the outskirts of the village. The views from Mijas are magnificent, but there is nothing quite like the sight of a village embedded in the mountains and the mountain range in front of it.

If you want to enjoy the view while you breathe, there is a viewpoint in Mijas Pueblo called Mirador, on the top of the Sierra de Mijas. If you follow the main road A7 / N340 towards Malaga or Marbella, you can start from Mijas Costa at stop # 220 and take the exit to Mjias Puleo. At the other end, at Playa Calahonda, you will land at Mijas Water Park and Mijas Costa.

Between Mijas Pueblo and Playa Calahonda there is a bus with stops in Mjias Puleo, Mijas Water Park and the main entrance of the park.  Mijas Pueblo does not have a bus station, but there are a number of bus stops in Mjias Puleo, Mijas Water Park and the main entrance of the park, as well as Playa Calahonda.

So there are many factors to consider when deciding to move to Mijas Pueblo and its surroundings. If you want total relaxation and want to close it down, that would be great, but there is a small supermarket. While Fuengirola, Mjias Pueblo, Marbella and Benalmádena have a wide range of shops, restaurants and activities to try, the north of the park is also home to Mijas Costa, right next to the water park.

Mijas Pueblo may be rural, but there is much more than you would expect on the Costa del Sol. However, it is still a few minutes from the city centre and the rest of Marbella and means you cannot travel for a few minutes before reaching the golf course.

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If you are looking for activities in the Málaga area, Mijas is a great option for a day trip, especially if you are staying in one of the most popular hotels on the Costa del Sol, such as El Pueblo. There are some dying restaurants and a bit of culture of being, along with fantastic views. If you want to stay in a small town in the middle of nowhere, away from the city centre and the rest of Marbella, this may be the place for you. Spanish walking tour and you will find yourself on the costa delSol If you read “The Big Bang Theory,” you’d like to add it, but you want to have a little more of an experience than staying in a hotel with a few other people.

There are well over 30 restaurants in the village, but one of the most famous is Oscar’s, an annual blue festival held in a central square named after the famous blues singer Oscar Pueblo, who hails from Mijas. Located in the heart of Mij as Pule, Oscar offers a wide selection of tapas and cocktails to whet your appetite. With views to the south of Marbella, the Costa del Sol and the mountains to the west, MIJas Puedo caters to the needs of the daily needs. The local restaurants, such as El Cachorro, El Bodeguito and El Nacional, offer exceptional food and value for money.

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