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Flowers of Andalucía. With summertime temperature around 30 degrees, little rainfall and viewpoints of hills that are dusty, the only plants I expect to see in Andalucía an are endless olive groves along with the obligatory palm trees.

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Flowers of Southern Spain
Flowers of Southern Spain

Flowers of Andalucía

In actual fact, many of the land here’s ideal for many kinds of flora, also there are various natural parks filled with luscious greenery, so really it should come as no surprise that Andalucía an is well known for flowers like the bougainvillea and varieties of jasmine. Any Visitor to Málaga won’t leave the town without seeing – or being offered – a biznaga malagueña.

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A biznaga is a posy made from tiny jasmine owers attached to a skeleton that is the stem of another plant. Biznagas are usually sold by biznagueros traditionally dressed guys who offer their merchandise to people having tapas or drinking a beer out bars in the city. Even in the event that you do not buy one of traditional bouquets, you’ll odor the aromatic jasmine scent since the biznaguero walks past. Biznagas are so representative of the Costa del Sol the decoration for the Málaga film festival is Biznaga de Oro and most tourist shops and jewellers in the city will also sell jasmine themed jewelry, often handmade of porcelain.

Jasmine is Synonymous with Andalucía

Various jasmine known as the Dama de noche in Spanish, and likewise Lady of the Night or Night-flowering Jasmine in English can also be synonymous with Andalucía particularly due to its odor – the scent of summer nights in Spain. The bougainvillea is another flower that may be seen all over Andalucía, thanks to its ability to survive in warm and dry areas. What we see as the plants blossom are really its leaves, called bracts, the flowers are much smaller and therefore are white, whilst the leaves may be a wide range of colors.

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Some of the most beautiful bougainvillea plants in Andalucían are these in the gardens of the old Moorish castles, where the comparison of its vivid pink or red leaves and greenery from crumbling brick walls is magnificent.

A comparable comparison is located with a hibiscus plant, whose bright red petals stick out in the gardens of the Alcazaba, in Málaga. It had been the Muslim conquerors of Spain who brought a large number of new species of flowers and plants to Spain. The Moors loved flowers, their homes and gardens were full of them, plus they built numerous forts and palaces whose brick walls were filled with a number of exotic flora, planted in harmony with the architecture.

They imported varieties like jasmine from Asia, and the flowers have remained in Andalucía to this day. The gardens of Andalucía’s Muslim fortresses – from the small, but fairly courtyards in Málaga’s Alcazaba, to the extensive Generalife gardens that form part of the famous Alhambra fort in Granada – are a must see for any visitor.

Beyond the Costa del Sol

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